Our Story

About the Wolfpack

Hungry Wolf Co. is established by foodies for foodies to celebrate the food adventure lifestyle in a fun, stylish way. We believe food unites us. Our food apparel designs bring together foodies worldwide with creative expressions for an adventurous palate. Acknowledge the foodie in you with Hungry Wolf Co., and become part of the Wolfpack!

Hungry Wolf Co. is headquartered in the United States, Jacksonville, Florida and offers unique foodie apparel shipped worldwide.

About the Hungry Wolf

Growing up as a Filipino-American, I thoroughly enjoyed what many Americans would consider being strange foods. My dad was a cook/chef his entire life, which led him to become a chef in the U.S. Navy. My mom, too, is a master in the kitchen and makes some of my favorite dishes still today. Being a Navy brat, I lived everywhere from the Philippines to Guam, to the U.S. west coast, to the north, and eventually settled in the south. The diverse cultures broadened my taste palate at an early age, and some of my fond childhood memories were of eating, where everything I ate was in some way a new and exciting experience. 

I became fascinated with food and cooking in the late 80s and early 90s during my teenage years. Of all things for teenagers to enjoy, I was enthralled with watching cooking shows. It was a time before food and cooking shows were considered cool, and even way before Food TV or Cooking Channel was a thing. Thank goodness for PBS! I grew up religiously watching the Frugal Gourmet, Yan Can Cook, Louisiana Cookin’, Two Fat Ladies, Everyday Cooking with Jacques Pepin, etc. And when the Food Network (now Food TV) was created, I was in heaven. 

My path to Hungry Wolf Co. evolved through many life and career experiences. I was a martial artist that led to fight choreography, which led to acting, which led to film production, which led to photography, and eventually led me to other creative expressions like writing, branding, marketing, and apparel. Through it all, I maintained my one real joy of food, and thus, Hungry Wolf Co. was born in 2018. Hungry Wolf Co. is the pure expression of love for food, for the adventure of trying new dishes, and for the profound joy of sharing the journey with others.